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Single Line Reviews and 5 or 1 Star Rating to Mobile App, It Was A Bad Experience To Other Followers, Best- Described Review May Help For Better Purchase

Nowadays the our online presence or the online presence of the companies have increased big time, more than trusting or taking the help from our family members or friends we rely on the suggestions of the people who are their visible on the digital world. We often tend to get carried away with the reviews.

What is a review?

Today the companies have become transparent to a very great extent and are trying to help the purchaser to make informed decision while buying any thing. The companies on their web page have section whereby the buyer of the product can post their review and give rankings to the product that is one star or five star. These reviews show the quality of the product and help the purchaser to make decision. These reviews have no word limit and thus a short review can mislead you and therefore it is better to go for a long described review for making better buying decision. Thus the reviews that are put on review websites or blogs are better as it has full description, honest, unbiased and covers all the minute details about the product.

While reading the review of a mobile app or mobile we often go by the five star or one star rating. The reviews that we often find online are of few words but that can be misleading. A few words that are only of 5 to 6 words cannot be helpful. As it is just a short description that will not review the minute details of the phone like the features, the company that is launching, power, battery features, camera features, operating system, weight, price, predecessor or the successor of the brand and many more such details that are crucial for buying the phone or using the app. Thus while deciding on to follow which review you need to be aware and be selective or else you may land up with a bad purchase.

Why do you need an authentic review for things?

The reviews are often by the user of the brand or the app, and it is important to often remember that one benefit of an app maybe curse for the other person. For example if an app is free but then has in –app purchases may be of use to one person as he may be completely okay to the purchases aspect and is willing to spend but then other person may not be comfortable in purchasing. Then there are certain apps that are meant for one operating system but may not be suitable to the person with other operating system. Also there are apps that require huge memory so is apt for mobiles with huge memory capacity or for person who has practically empty storage for any reason, but then other may have mobile phone that has limited memory due to almost full storage or say limited memory power. Thus getting a complete detailed review for the app or mobile is highly crucial. It often happens that we download an app and within few days we realize that it was not of much use but when we downloaded it was highly appreciated by us and thus we gave it 5 star rating but with few words and no details. Another person going by our review got the app but then you realized your folly and uninstalled the app but then the review remained to be there and now this review could be misleading for others. The other person who downloaded the app on your review is now unaware of the difficulties that you are facing thus will make an uninformed decision. However the authenticity of these reviews needs to be verified. Getting an authentic review for any thing is highly crucial as these reviews affect our purchasing decisions to a very great extent.

The person who is sharing the review should either post a full- fledged review or a no review at all. The importance of review has been seen, thus it is the moral responsibility of the reviewer to put a review that help the reader to make an informed decision. The review should be honest and free from bias and it should be first hand review as reviews are subjective to person from person and impacts everyone differently. The review should of good taste with complete honesty. Also the stars should be like the one that supports the words that you post on the review for the review of the mobile app or the mobile phone itself. Thus be careful while you review a product or while you read a review, it is as important as buying itself.

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