The most Important thing that a review can do

What is review?

Review is a few words of feedback about any product, brand or service. The review is intended to present the views of the user or the product. The review presents a insight about the product. The insight thing of the product could be a positive or negative feedback. The positive feedback brings new users to the brand but any negative review creates a bad impression about the brand or product and could deter a few potential or the already existing consumers to move back from the brand.

The review should just not be a positive or negative one rather it should be thought provoking one that instills information about a thing in the mind of the users and the users are compelled to think about the product. Making the review about anything a positive or negative review will snatch away the authenticity of the review and will be a review that puts up thoughts and words in your mind and thus a helper that review should be will end up just being a bad influence on you.

How does the review work?

There are two ways in which a review can be put. Firstly either the review can be put on the web page of the product or the service. The brand creates a page for the products or services that it offers, and the customers can put their reviews there. A positive review attracts new consumers, and a negative review deters the customers, but if the company interferes here and tries to resolve the issue of the users, it puts an impact of positive vibes on the consumers. This is so because the customers get an assurance that if they have any issue with the thing of the brand the company will sort it out.

Also in online forum the brands are linked as sellers. The sellers are listed there and after the product description there is an option that the users can put up their review. The review will also work in the same way and affect the consumers in the similar way and this helps the consumers to read the reviews of the similar things from different brands and then make a through and informed decision regarding their purchase.

Now as a third person review or review from the direct user of the product on his platform. With social media bringing so much of transparency reviewing a product that you have used and sharing it with people across the world has been very easy and also quite revolutionary. Example I buy a smartphone from a big brand and as per my liking I give it a negative review without even ascertaining the impacts of the product or even discussing the details of it, this is a negative way. Now on the other hand I buy the product and discuss each of its features and then do not pass any judgment rather just put a very neutral view about the product. I simply discuss and as per my use I review the product I do not put any thoughts in the minds of the readers rather I give them the ideas to think and judge themselves. This is a biased way of reviewing the product and without any pre formed notions the review is put there.

A review has to be this and then only the purpose for which the reviews were initiated will be fulfilled. It is tendency seen that because reviews have great potential to influence they are thrown away in the online forums without much detailed description. The words used for the review is simply ‘I liked the product’ or ‘I hated it’ now the reason to hate it or like is not specified then the review is read by the person surfing on net. This review that is so bland and flat affects so many people as we all are on time crunch and we do not think anything we simply go by the review. This is an example how a review puts thoughts in your mind. It stuffs words rather than paving the ground for you think and access about a product it straightaway gives you the judgment and after the spoon feeding judgment is received we are happy as someone else has done the work, but do you realize that the review was shallow. For example if someone puts up that a fitness tracking app is wonderful and counts the calories for you and you download it and opt for the online purchases, but then do you consider is the app of use for you because the doctor has declared you lactose intolerant and thus dairy is to be avoided. This app does not consider this fact and is of no use for you. Therefore go with reviews that are detailed and has complete information.

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